At House of Soundz, our staff have a combined 40 years experience and knowledge in the car audio industry.
Car audio is not something you buy off the shelf like some retailers and online shops would like you to believe.
There are many factors to consider and we provide you with one on one service to help you make the correct choice.

We only sell genuine products and deal in well known brands. We have been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

Enhance your driving experince, let us update your car with the latest modern cons.

Visit us in store and let our experienced staff help you choose the right system that suits your individual needs.

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Car Audio

House Of Soundz boast one of the largest ranges in car audio in the country with expert knowledge to back. This coupled with a state of the art installation bay means you can rest assure that your pride and joy is in safe hands. These days car audio is evolving at a rapid rate with newer vehicles becoming challenging for your average installer here at house of sounds we also use the latest in integration technology so we can keep ahead of the pack.

Marine Audio

With an extensive catalog of Marine Audio to choose from, House Of Soundz can take you through the process from inspecting the boat to recommending the best audio solution all the way through to installation here on our premises. Enjoying good quality music on the water is just as important as on the road in our opinion.

In Car Entertainment

One of the best ways to keep the children or grownups entertained on those long drives when I spy just won’t cut it. House Of Soundz offers a large range of Roof Mounted Dvd Systems, Built In headrest Media systems along with Active Tablet style systems this means that regardless of what kind of car you have we have you covered with a In Car Entertainment solution to keep everyone pleased.


Whether it is built in Navigation, Apple Car Play or Android Auto, House Of Soundz has you covered. All in one units are the best way to de clutter your driving space by combining all of your in car needs into one media system. These systems come in a variety of budgets with individual features that set them apart. See the team at House Of Soundz and you will never get lost again.

Security Products

Protect your car from would be crooks with a premium alarm upgrade. Alarms can be fitted or upgraded depending on the vehicle and come in an array of different styles. Don’t just stop at the car we can protect your Motorbike too.

Reversing Aids

Reversing cameras and sensors are a great additions to any car new or old. They provide added safety and convenience when parking and being made aware of your surroundings. Some with audible warnings and some visual, with House Of Soundz help parking will be a breeze.

Dash Cams

Whether it’s for business or piece of mind Dash Camera Recorders are a must have. With the ability to record all front and or rear activity you won’t miss a thing. Clear footage of accidents time stamped with even event locations make certain that you will know who is to blame in the unfortunate event of a accident. House Of Soundz has a large range and understanding of all Dash/Crash cameras on the market and will be able to assist you in finding the right product for you.

Tracking Systems

Tracking has never been so easy, House Of Soundz can help you track just about anything now days. Some tracking systems work on a month to month basis however many now are pre paid with free access online or using a smart phone app. Meaning you can track from your phone in real time.


Offering the services that we do requires us to stock a large amount of related accessories to ensure that we can offer our customers the best overall installation experience. Not to mention, if we don’t stock it, we order it .


Protect your investment – a car is the second largest purchase the average Australian will make in their lifetime.
If you have purchased a head unit, speakers, amplifier or other audio visual equipment we can install it for you.


Unqualified workmanship and incorrect installation methods can lead to a range of problems within your vehicle and the product.
Your product warranty may be void if installed incorrectly.
Let a qualified House of Soundz technician expertly install it for you.

Let our qualified technicians help you out