Here at House Of Soundz we pride ourselves on being the one and only place to go for all car audio/accessory needs.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated car audio sales staff and experienced installers.

There are some good car audio shops and then there are great ones.
House of Soundz is far beyond this and we require competent staff that are also at and above this level.

If you understand the law of impedance, have a huge knowledge of automotive history, can work around a 12 volt system without sudden explosions or electrocution and have a passion for car sound then we would like to hear from you.

There wouldn’t be a better place in the country for someone who has such an intense passion for car audio than House Of Soundz.

If you have experience working as an automotive accessory technician or a similar trade or perhaps even been in the car audio business before then please contact the store in person or send in your résumé using the form. Likewise if you have sales experience in car audio and can easily adapt to different situations with a great sales record then contact us in person or send in your résumé using the form.